Marvellous Morning Maths

This morning in Flamingos, we had our first Marvellous Morning Maths. Our parents and family members came along to class to play our favourite maths games with us. We have been learning a lot about place value and we got to teach our family how to play our games. Everyone had so much fun learning together. Try playing the games at home with your other family members. Check out our photos below.


6 comments on “Marvellous Morning Maths

  1. I had so much fun. Are we ever going to do it again?

  2. Lexi jai yr4 says:

    I loved doing marvellous maths morning

  3. I loved it but my mummy couldn’t come

  4. I love maths🤗

  5. I love maths🤗

  6. I loved it because we played fun maths games !🙂 My mum came as well .

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