Marvellous Maths

Kingfishers hosted their first marvellous maths morning on Wednesday. It was a fantastic opporunity to host our parents and share with them two of our most popular games we use in class to help practise our maths in fun ways.

First up was ‘Rolls to 100,’ the aim of which is to get as close to 100 with four rolls of the dice, which may seem a bit dull at first glance but Kingfishers were quick to add some rules to make it more interesting including; double it, times it by 5, times it by 10 or if you were very close to 100 you could simply choose to keep it. We also showed parents some variations of it, in ‘Rolls to 1000,’ we have 3 dice which we roll and whatever 3 digits we get we have to choose how to arrange into a 3 digit number, after 4 rolls and 4 different numbers, the player closest to 1000 wins. This variation of the game is excellent for place value awareness and mental maths.

Next we played ‘Nice or Nasty,’ we have four boxes again but this time each number rolled must become part of a 4 digit number, the aim was to get the lowest score, so we had to think very logically about place value and what digits would be best plated in the different place value columns. You can also choose to be nasty if you roll a 5 or a 6 and choose to put it in the other players box.

Have a look at our games below and make sure you ask Kingfishers to teach you how to play, all you need is a dice and a pencil and paper.


3 comments on “Marvellous Maths

  1. I liked that when can we do that again Miss O’Tool

  2. Alex Castillo says:

    It was fun and thank you Miss OTool for organising the game.

  3. I loved the has I had a great time😃

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