Macaws visit the CLC!

We visited the CLC today. We used Scratch Junior. We remembered some of our skills from last year and were able to create characters. We used our coding skills to give our characters instructions.
We had to create 4 scenes to tell a story. It was important to make sure that our stories made sense and had a beginning, middle and end. Some of us even added speech bubbles to show what was happening in our story.
Just before the end of the day we played a new game called ‘Rodocodo’. We had to guide our character to the finishing line by counting the number of jumps. It was so much fun!

6 comments on “Macaws visit the CLC!

  1. I think my story was the best.Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I loved the game on the computer.
    I can’t believe I got past level 77.

  2. I LLLLLLLLLove CLC!!!!!! It was sooooooo fun that I almost popped😎🤩💘🥳

  3. The CLC was very nice! We made stories. Mine was about a fish and a whale. I enjoyed sitting on the front of the bus and got to see loads of cool things.

  4. Heidi-Belle y2 says:

    It was so much fun at the CLC❤️💙👌👌

  5. Clare Potter says:

    Looks like you had a lovely time. Keira obviously didn’t want to be in any photos 😂

  6. The CLC was extra fun and we learned a lot. I loved it.

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