Macaws’ Class Assembly!

Today it was Macaws’ class assembly! It was all about London. We told everyone facts about London and also shared some of our writing! We have been reading Paddington. It was so much fun acting out the story for everyone! We spoke in loud voices and even sang a song all about London at the end. We hope you enjoyed it!

6 comments on “Macaws’ Class Assembly!

  1. Anna McGrory says:

    What a fantastic assembly this was! I enjoyed every minute and I learnt so much. Thank you everybody!
    Miss McGrory

  2. Mr Keane says:

    Well done Macaws. Great acting, singing and story telling. I enjoyed every moment of it.

  3. Alexander Devilla says:

    Cool the assembly looked so good

  4. I loved the Macaws class assemble, especially because we got to sing ‘maybe because I’m a Londoner ‘.😄

  5. I am so happy for all of you good job!

  6. I loved it because first of all, I was Mr Brown and second of all I sang a really nice song🎵🎵🎵

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