Macaws’ Class Assembly!

After lots of hard work Macaws had our Class Assembly today! Some of us were very nervous but did absolutely fantastically today!

We told our adults, EYFS and KS1 all about the Snail and the Whale, and our R.E. Topic which is Families and Celebrations. We had some songs in there, too! We changed some of the words to try and make it more interesting!

First, we shared some of our collages which we have made with tissue paper. We were inspired by sea pictures and paintings and explained how we had made ours.

R was extra brave today and said someone else’s lines as they were sadly unable to make it. He did a fantastic job at stepping in so last minute! A, E and M shared their brilliant collages.

Then we showed everyone our actions which we have learned to retell the Snail and the Whale. J acted as our Snail and A was the Whale! They travelled to places such as fiery mountains, coral reefs and dazzling tropical lands! Although A got ‘beached in a bay,’ fortunately J the snail had a plan and saved the day!

We then sang our song, ‘The Rosary!’ (D introduced this and said an extra line for someone who sadly was absent- well done!) We made up our own actions and song lyrics. Can you guess what the tune was?

We also shared the fact that we have been writing our own prayers in R.E. about our families. We discussed how important they are and the different types of families there are in the world.

C, C and D shared their individual prayers, and then A led the Our Father.

We sang our last song, ‘The Macaws’ Family,’ which was in the tune to The Adam’s Family. It was great fun learning these actions. Finally, we shared our Class Book, where we all wrote something we like about each other. It was lovely to make this book as we could all hear why we are a Macaws Class family.

R, E, J, M and C all shared what they liked about someone in the class.



Well done for such a fantastic assembly Macaws! You worked so hard and did a fantastic job!


14 comments on “Macaws’ Class Assembly!

  1. Charlottek says:

    It was so much fun doing are class assembly today. I also loved the songs we sang especially the rosary. I hoped you liked are assembly.

  2. suzie.harris says:

    What a fantastic assembly! Well done Macaws!

  3. I loved taking part of are assembly.👍🏻💝🌸🌷💖😀😊

  4. It was really fun doing!

  5. Our assembly was so good

  6. Anna McGrory says:

    Macaws you have worked so hard on this assembly and you should be super proud of yourselves! Well done! Miss McGrory

  7. sophie.kennedy says:

    Such a fabulous assembly, Macaws! I really enjoyed watching it. Well done to you all! Miss Kennedy

  8. I loved being the whale it was so much fun.

  9. My sister is in that class. I know all her songs off by heart because of how much she practiced!🤗🤗😋😋😛😛

  10. Macaws class says:

    We loved performing our class assembly for everyone and our adults!

  11. I like all the costumes every one had even tho I was not at school on world book day.

  12. sonnymacaws says:

    Jeon was very good at being the snail.Amelia was very good at being the whale.

  13. I love this asembly . It was so much fun.

  14. I loved saying my line about my collage!

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