Lorikeets WOW Work!

As our first half term together comes to an end, we have been amazed at all of the work we have completed and everything we have learnt!

Take a look at some of these WOW pieces of work, just from this week!

Math! We have been working so hard and we have now completed addition and moved onto subtraction within 10.


Completed a fantastic independent piece of work exploring the add symbol and the part-part whole model.

Ben & Anastasia 

Applied their understanding of subtraction to this tricky work using tens frames and pictures.


Used her understanding of subtraction to complete her work on a number line.

Literacy! We have been using the story ‘Nothing’ by Mick Inkpen to help us create our own similar story.


Independently completed a wonderful piece of Literacy based on our story ‘Nothing’ by Mick Inkpen.


Completed her first piece of extended writing and applied some fantastic phonics knowledge, retelling the journey of ‘Nothing’.

Monroe & Ralphy

Both children did an excellent story map using our ‘Talk for Writing’ to plan their own similar story to ‘Nothing’ by Mick Inkpen.


Jack, Kamaya & Oscar

All completed super writing of their own ‘Nothing’ story, supported by their story maps and word banks!

Well done to all our wonderful Lorikeets, you have worked incredibly hard and we are so so proud of how much you have already learnt!

You are all AMAZING!

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