Lorikeets at St. Dominic’s Church

Today, Lorikeet class went to visit St. Dominic’s Church. This was really exciting as some of us had never been there before. We went to learn all about baptism – some of us were baptised there! It was really interesting to look at some of the smaller altars, especially as we have been learning about the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary. We learned all about the celebration of baptism, right from entering the Church to the final blessing. Father Oliver explained the importance of the oils that are used and how one of them is only made by the Bishop! Thank you so much to Father Oliver and Brother Andrew for taking us around this beautiful Church, and enriching our topic if Families and Celebrations.

2 comments on “Lorikeets at St. Dominic’s Church

  1. I want to go to Saint Dominic‘s Church!

  2. Elizabeth Tobun says:

    I went there

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