Let’s Be the Best We Can Be!

This year, we have an exciting new project happening in school as part of the legacy of the Olympics Games. The project is ‘Be the Best You Can Be’ and is all about our children having goals and knowing how to reach them. The project kicked off with a fabulous talk from our friendly Olympian Jo Mersh and the children getting their very own ‘Dream Books’. Since then, we have discussed the problems Jo Mersh had to overcome and our own dreams.

The next part of the project is to look at goal setting and the personal attributes needed to be successful.

5 comments on “Let’s Be the Best We Can Be!

  1. i am looking forward to this project and i enjoyed making my dream book cover in pelicans.

  2. I really liked when we did our front covers for our dream books in pelicans.

  3. I loved it when joe mursh came to are school

  4. I love being the best I can?

  5. I was very surprised that Jo Mersh came to our school.I don’t really know her.Im basically saying I was excited that somone very famous came to our school.

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