Lenten Appeal 2018

This year, during Lent, we are raising money for The Catholic Children’s Society. Your child has been sent home with a charity box, recording sheet and further information about this wonderful charity.

We are asking children to be extra helpful and kind at home in return for some money for their  box. They may use the recording sheet to record the jobs they have done or tick it each day they are extra helpful, thoughtful or charitable. All  the children have shown great enthusiasm  to get going at home with their jobs so they can help raise money for children less fortunate than them.

A BIG thank you to our Rosary School Mini Vinnies who have ensured all classes received their charity collection boxes. They have also supported children to think of  different jobs and ways to grow and be more like Jesus during this special time.


What will you do to be helpful at home? Share some of your ideas to inspire and encourage others.

5 comments on “Lenten Appeal 2018

  1. Clare Potter says:

    Well done mini Vinnies.

  2. Anna McGrory says:

    Thank you to our Mini Vinnies for sending round the boxes and the recording sheets. I am going to try and be super helpful to all those around me this Lent (as well as giving up chocolate!) Miss McGrory

  3. Good luck everyone with there Lenten promises.

  4. suzie.harris says:

    Good luck everyone with all your jobs! Hope you’ve managed to raise lots of money for this really good cause.

  5. Good luck

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