KS2 Sports Day 2018

This term we were lucky enough to have our KS2 Sport Day in some glorious Summer weather. KS2 went down to Parliament Hill Running Track and competed in a series of different games and activities in their new house teams. In the afternoon individuals competed in the 100m sprint where we saw some of the Rosary’s fastest Track Stars in action. The entire event was a tremendous success and showcased how much improvement has been made in PE/Sport this year at the Rosary.

A big congratulations goes to the St. Bernadette House who were crowned this years Champion House with a incredible, record breaking, score of 12,006 points.

KS2 Sports Day Results 2018
1. St Bernadette 12,006
2. St Christopher 11,194
3. St Catherine 11,116
4. St Francis 10,614
5. St Anthony 10,306
6. St Teresa 9,790

Congratulations  to the following children who finished in the top 3 and received medals in the 100m sprint.

Year 3 Girls

1. Isabella G

2. Iulia

3. Sofia G

Year 3 Boys

1. Leo S & Dayo

2. Alex H

3. Harry W

Year 4 Girls

1. Savannah

2. Lilah P

3. Isabelle S

Year 4 Boys

1. Che


3. Kieran

Year 5 Girls




Year 5 Boys

1. Junior

2. Sonny

3 . James

Year 6 Girls

1. Sara

2. Victoria

3. Anna

Year 6 Boys

1. Charles

2. Oliver

3. Lucas


Here are some photos of our athletes and track stars in action..


6 comments on “KS2 Sports Day 2018

  1. I really enjoyed sports day.It was a lot of fun.

  2. This was fun

  3. I love sports day, it’s so fun!

  4. Iulia yr3/4 says:

    This year I got a silver medal.This time I am going to aim for gold!!!🥈🏅🥇🎖

  5. Iulia yr3/4 says:

    This year I got a silver time I am going to aim for gold!!!🥈🏅🥇🎖

  6. Sooo fun

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