Kingfishers Drama Workshop

On Thursday, Kingfishers had another drama workshop with The Hall, as usual we had a great time and really enjoyed the session. We played some warmup games to get used to acting out a role then went into creating our own role plays of funfair rides. We worked in small groups to create actions to covey a rollercoaster ride which we then acted out along with music. It was quite tricky as it involved a lot of team work as we had to make sure we did everything at the same time to make our performance convincing. Have a look at some photos of our drama below.



8 comments on “Kingfishers Drama Workshop

  1. JOSE BURELA says:

    That was really fun

  2. sophie.kennedy says:

    It looks like you really got into character here, Kingfishers! We’re so lucky to be collaborating with The Hall for these Drama Workshops!

  3. Anna McGrory says:

    Fantastic acting Kingfishers!

  4. It was so fun because we did Percy Jackson.😀😁

  5. I had so much fun it was like being on a
    real water ride

  6. Lexi jai yr4 says:

    We had that lesson in drama it was really fun

  7. That was so much fun

  8. That was really fun

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