Junior Citizens

Year 6 children attended the Junior Citizens Day at The London Transport Museum today.  We had the opportunity to work on a range of safety skills including the following:

* Fire Safety

* Using public transport

* Road Safety

* Growing against violence

* Dog awareness

* Personal Safety

What new safety skills did you learn?

21 comments on “Junior Citizens

  1. Hattie (Condors) says:

    This trip was really fun and I learnt that everyone has an IMEI number and I tried it out on my mum’s phone ?!

  2. Jayden Potel-Klein YR6 says:

    Very Intresting

  3. I really enjoyed going to The London Transport museum! I learnt to stand my body height and a big step back away from the platform and lots more. I found the trip really fun and will certainly be going there again with my family!

  4. This trip was so interesting and I had loads fun I’ve learned so much and I’d love to go again ❤️???

  5. Very fun/interesting

  6. That will now help everyone to not get hurt

  7. That trip was so fun. We learned the smallest poem in the world for the escalator it went like “stand on the right, and hold on tight.”

  8. Alex Sinclair says:

    The trip was so fun I tried out the IME and it worked.

  9. Our trip was very good knowledge to know what to do when your using trains bus and now I know what to do

  10. I had so much fun in the TFL ??

  11. I really enjoyed the transport for London museum.
    My favourite part was learning about fire safety

  12. charles sedgwick says:

    did you know a single metal wire at the train station contains 6000 volts of electricity

  13. It was cool ?/fun. ( *#606#) something like that ?.

  14. thomas condors says:

    I learnt lots about my safety and will remember what to do in many different situations.

  15. I thoroughly enjoyed this trip, everyone learned something new that will help us in our future!

  16. I really enjoyed going to the museum. My favourite station was the train one as our group got to try out a simulator of a train. I also really enjoyed the phone one. I thought the man that took of the phone was actually real. I can’t wait to go their again with my family. I know they are going to enjoy it.

  17. Stephan Condors says:

    I loved the school trip I even remembered everything like we need to stay my height at a step away from a bus or train so now I always do that.

  18. felix@condors says:

    I learnt the poem ‘stand on the right and hold on tight’ on the escorlators.

  19. StephanNegasi says:

    My favourite part was the police part as we now know that we shouldn’t run after someone if someone steals my phone and I know how the police can find the thief

  20. I loved it when this man stole the phone and everyone started to chase him:)

  21. Hugh Condors Yr 6 says:

    It was a really fun experience at the museum. I learnt countless new tips I had not known before the trip and every station was packed full with fun. I never knew that you had to stand your own body height and a step back and now I know that even if I am running late for my bus or train it is not worth the risk. For a second when the guy pretended to steal the phone I thought it was for real! Lol.

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