History off the Page

Key Stage 1 were lucky enough to have their topic of ‘Fire and Fleas’ brought to life by the fantastic History off the Page. We already knew so many of the key facts about the Great Fire (thanks to our Topic Treasures!) but today we really learned what life was like in 17th Century London. We started the day with lots of ‘daily life’ activities like making our own ink and writing letters, making bread, candles, hankies, ointments, posies, pewter trinket molds and lots more! These were dispersed fire calls, bucket lines, and making fire breaks, just a small insight into how hectic it would have been. After lunch we excavated boxes taken from ruins of different shops, to try and work out what trade they were and how the building had been destroyed. We were also tasked with working out the rightful owners of various bags and papers. This really tested how closely we paid attention to the morning activities. Thank you so much to Carl from History off the Page, we can’t wait for you to come again!

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