Have you spotted Gert???

We’ve been having so much fun in our Literacy lessons this week in Key Stage 1! We’ve made a new friend called Gert as well! We decided as a class, Gert came down to Earth from outer space to learn all about what is going on and to learn from us.

He’s rather cheeky too and has been spying on us when we least expect it, he even found his way to our playground and had a go on our trim trail!


We’ve been helping him to name some of the exciting things in our school and we’ve been telling him all about the wonderful things we do in school too.

This week we have been learning about adjectives and nouns- Gert is so impressed. We used adjectives to describe parts of our beautiful world to him and he loved listening to our class book – ‘Here we are’ by Oliver Jeffers.

Have you spotted him anywhere else? These are some of the places he’s been to so far!

Kurt exploring our school

If you’ve spotted him anywhere… let us know, we want to know what he’s discovered next!

4 comments on “Have you spotted Gert???

  1. Anna McGrory says:

    What a cheeky little alien! I think I spotted him in my office this morning!

  2. I think I saw him in the office

  3. That seems cool

  4. I saw him in FLAMINGOS how amazing!!!!!!!!!!

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