Fun Friday in Lorikeet Class!

What a fun Friday we had in Lorikeet class last week!

We had only just got over the fun of 1950’s day last Thursday when even more fun was to be had in Lorikeet class. When we arrived at school Miss Agger told us she had an exciting day in store and she wasn’t wrong. Our day began with cooking! As part of Healthy Schools week and Food Revolution the KS1 teachers had organised for us to make yummy, healthy wraps.

Cooking 4

We started at station one. Here we added mayonaise and ham to our wraps. They were already starting to look delicious.

Cooking 3

Cooking 1

Then we moved onto station two. Here there were lots of different vegetables for use to choose from. We all filled our wraps until they looked like they were going to burst! Finally we wrapped them in tin foil and put them in the fridge so they would stay fresh!


As if that wasn’t exciting enough we had another treat in store…..

We were off to see the ducklings in Reception! At first Miss Agger was a little bit scared so Mrs Hanley helped her to get the ducklings out of their pen. We watched them waddle around the room and we were all very excited.

Duck 1

When Miss Lidell arrived back to her classroom she was kind enough to hold the ducklings so we could all have a turn at stroking them. They were very soft and extremely cute.

Duck 2

Duck 3

I am sure you will agree we had a very fun Friday in Lorikeet class which will definitely continue this week as it is our class assembly.

We hope all our mummies, daddies and other members of our families will join us at 9.30. We have spent lots of time rehearsing and can’t wait to see you there.

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