Football Tournament

On Tuesday the year 5/6 Rosary football teams took part in their first matches of the year and played brilliantly.

Both teams have had a fantastic start to the season, the boys team won their first match then drew their second two games placing them 4th in the league. Patryck was our hardworking goal keeper and saved many goals, “All the teams were really good, I had to work really hard. Coach said I was practically dancing, despite this during all three games I only let in 3 goals. I was really proud to represent my school and think we did brilliantly for our first games.”

The girls team lost their first match but once they gained their confidence they stormed ahead and won the  second two games putting them 3rd in their league. Christabella explained, “We were uncertain in our first match but after we played we knew how we had to improve and worked on that in our second two games.” Christabella was also one of our goal scorers, “I was really proud and happy, I had tried to score in the match before but missed so it was great to get it in and give the team a boost.”

We were especially proud of the excellent sportsmanship all players displayed during the afternoon. Fair play is a very important part of our school ethos, we always strive to ensure everyone is safe and happy during games. It is so important that fair play and good sportsmanship is acknowledged and rewarded in the football tournament with fair play points awarded by the referee. We were delighted and extremely proud to find out both teams were acknowledged for their exceptional sportsmanship, scoring the highest amongst all competing schools.

Romario explained, “Fair play is important because we want to make sure everyone is safe, if someone falls down we need to make sure they are okay. We also need to make sure all players are happy and having fun as that’s the most important thing. We show good sportsmanship by shaking the other teams hands and congratulating winners, thanking the referee and especially respecting his decisions, even if we don’t agree, we accept them and our coach will talk about any problems with him after if we think something unfair happened. It’s the most important part of being a player for Rosary.”

We know they will continue to be fantastic representatives of our school as the tournament progresses.

6 comments on “Football Tournament

  1. Wow i wish I could be there

  2. Christabella ??? says:

    Being part of the football is an amazing experience. Not only did we get to play football, which we all love, but we get to collaborate with the team against us. Throughout the match, we also got to learn more about the referee who was observing our games. The Camden football league so far has been fun.

  3. I loved playing with my teammates representing rosary. It was so much fun, I can’t wait for the next matches!!!! ?

  4. sophie.kennedy says:

    Fantastic news! I couldn’t feel more proud of our Rosary Football Team 🙂

  5. Well done and wishing you all continued success in your upcoming games???

  6. I AGREE FiLiP?????

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