Flamingos’ Fabulous Authors

Have a read of some of the stories our creative writers put together yesterday.

I love how Julia has applied her knowledge of rainforest animals to her creature and considered its habitat and ability to camouflage!

And I really enjoyed reading all about Lollie’s adventure in the human world! Thank you so much Layla for sending that through.

And here is our first home made hot air balloon! Brilliant engineering skills and such imaginative decoration too. Well done for completing my challenge of adding a basket to your balloon.

5 comments on “Flamingos’ Fabulous Authors

  1. That hot air ballon is so good😍😎😍!

  2. Miss Labrom says:

    I know, I’m so impressed too!

  3. Jacqueline Hayter says:

    I am really impressed with your hot air balloon, you are so creative. I have enjoyed reading your stories what a talented class Flamingoes are.
    Mrs Hayter

  4. What a creative bunch the Flamingoes are.

  5. Miss Barry Murphy says:

    Oh wow!!!! How fabulous are these? Well done everyone! Such effort!

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