We had some fantastic entries to our Extreme Reading competition this year! Children from Nursery to Year 6 took part and it was brilliant to see you all reading in weird and wonderful places!

There were so many outstanding entries however we could only choose 1 winner from EYFS/KS1 and another from KS2!

Our first winning picture was ……

Our second winning entry was…

Although both pictures are very different it was great to see our students challenging themselves to read in different, extreme situations!

Thank you to everyone else who sent in a picture, here are some of our other entries…

6 7

11 comments on “EXTREME READING 2019!

  1. I really enjoyed doing this challenge . I have done it before and it was my second time and I really enjoyed it. I love to read books as you can always predict what is going to happen next. Thank you, Miss Agger and Miss Dawson for organising this for us to do . I love reading so much .

  2. Lexi Sinnott says:

    I’m so happy that I won

  3. Maya ( Y6 ) says:

    Well done everyone!

  4. they were all really good.

  5. those photos look amazing.I enjoyed taking part in this.?

  6. Thanks for organising this challenge

  7. All of the photos look good ?

  8. What amazing photos.I really enjoyed taking part in this competition.

  9. christabella says:

    I never knew these photos were so extreme. Some of them are so amazing. Know that’s what you call extreme reading.

  10. Isabella George says:

    All of these pictures look AMAZING!!!!

  11. Sofia George says:

    All of these pictures look AMAZING!!!!

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