Emilia’s Pobble Story

Thank you so much to Emilia in Eagles who sent me this highly entertaining story based on a Pobble 365 image ‘The Hole in the Fence’. I was so impressed with it and love being entertained by you all from afar! Emilia carefully uses language to build description, pace and suspense! One of my favourite lines is this one: “Knees knocking, lips quivering, hands trembling, Max’s heart pounded…”! I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I did! 

5 comments on “Emilia’s Pobble Story

  1. Miss Barry Murphy says:

    I’m desperate to find out what’s going to happen to Max’s mum! Fantastic writing, Emilia!

  2. suzie.harris says:

    What powerful writing Emilia! Great use of description -I particularly liked the phrase, “Smog and dust engulfed the atmosphere…..”. Very atmospheric!

  3. Thank you ☺️

  4. Isabella George says:

    It’s very interesting!

  5. It’s really interesting how we interpret things differently I had a completely different idea to yours.

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