We love electricity!

Our new topic this term is “Electricity and Sound.” So far we have enjoyed exploring devices which use electricity from the mains and ones that are powered by batteries, we have researched and written about Benjamin Franklin and we have used scientific symbols to design circuits. Next week we will use these diagrams to make circuits with the different components. To learn more about circuits look at


See if you can spot the electrical hazard on:

Write about what you know about electricity below or any questions you have on this topic!

15 comments on “Electricity!

  1. I had a great time learning about electricity.

  2. It was fun playing the game .

  3. I played the game and I got it all right!

  4. Christabella says:

    I love learning about electricity.Next week we might be making our own electric circuits.I,am so excited.

  5. I love learning about electricity, I’ve learnt how it is dangerous and I’ve learnt about circuts too

  6. I loved playing the game and I found all the items in the rooms.

  7. I loved our topic and the electricity dance that we made!I think it is a fun way to learn about electricity!

  8. I love learning about electrity .

  9. Christabella says:

    There was a man who wanted to find out if lightning was a type of electric so he decided to do an experiment and it was a type of electricity. So,now we have lightning rods to protect tall buildings.

  10. I had fun learning about electricity because it tells you how it works

  11. I loved learning about electricity.

  12. I love electricity it’s my favourite thing. Sometimes I wonder if there is electricity in the clouds. I think electricity is interesting.

  13. I love learning about everything especially electricity

  14. I think it was great to be able to dance in circets for are electricity topic . I liked being able to preform in front of everyone.A big thank you to my team for being understanding and so good at teamwork. I learned lots from them !

  15. I love playing the game and I love learning about electricity.

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