Eagles at the RAF Museum

On Friday, the Eagles had an amazing day out at the RAF Museum!

We were able to explore the Museum and admire the huge selection of planes they had on display, our class favourite being the Spitfire and the Avro Vulcan (which had a wingspan of 30m!)

We then got to experience what life was like in a WW2 classroom – complete with a super strict teacher and an air raid!

We learnt a lot about our WW2 topic and had a brilliant day out!







4 comments on “Eagles at the RAF Museum

  1. I loved the RAF museum! Especially the wartime classroom!

  2. Sad I missed Yafet get stuck and the workshop, but otherwise I liked this trip.

  3. I loved it when the alarm went off and some people got stuck under the table.

  4. YES THE PHOTO I TOOK IS IN THIS YESS!Also for the record yes I was stuck 🙁

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