E-Safety talk

Today Key Stage 1 learnt all about how to stay safe on iPads, iPhones and computers.

We learnt all the important rules to live by when using the internet, such as never giving out your address or telling someone what school you go to.

We learnt a song to help us remember how to be safe on the internet too.

After that, we went back to class and created a fact file all about internet safety.

2 comments on “E-Safety talk

  1. Ciara Yr 5.6 says:

    It was good to learn about E-Safety as you may get in a situation where you will get bullied on the Internet and you’ll know what to do. Thank you, Mary for coming in and giving us tips on how to stay safe online.It was helpful for me as of the advice and it will come to your head of what Mary said.

  2. Anna McGrory says:

    It is so important to learn about E Safety – it is a huge issue that will affect all of us in our lives. So well done to everybody for listening so well. Miss McGrory

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