Ducklings trip to the Zoo to hear The Christmas Story

Yesterday Ducklings went to London Zoo to meet some very special people!

First we meet some Wise Men and their Camels, who told us that a new baby King had been born. We followed the same star they had which led us to a stable where Mary was resting with her new born Baby Jesus. We sang ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ to get Baby Jesus off to sleep.

Once we left the stable, we meet some Shepherds who were tending to their sheep. They had heard all about Baby Jesus but they didn’t know if the good news was true! We told them it was true!

After listening to the Story of Christmas we were very lucky to meet Farther Christmas who taught us all about some animals that live in the North Pole and South Pole. He said we were such wonderfully behaved children on our travels around Bethlehem that we could have an early Christmas gift to take home. We were delighted!

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