Ducklings and Pufflings visit Golders Hill Park

We started our morning by having a fruit snack and talking about what birds we might see on our trip. We have been learning about common and exotic birds so the children where eager to go bird watching. After our snack we walked to the bus stop to catch the bus to Golders Hill Park. The children were so excited to catch the bus and pointed out all the familiar shops and restaurants they knew . Once we arrived at the park the children began to call out the different birds flying around the park. We saw pigeons, blackbirds, seagulls, magpies, ducks and even cute baby ducklings swimming in the lake. We also saw a large Rhea bird which is related to the ostrich family. After our bird nature walk we had a play in the playground and a little snack before lunch.

Thank you to all the extra adults who came to help out and share this experience with our children. We had such a lovely morning!

One comment on “Ducklings and Pufflings visit Golders Hill Park

  1. Lexi Jai yr4 says:

    They look like they had a great time 👍🏻

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