CST Theme – The Promotion of Peace

When we fall out with our friends we must say sorry, try to put things right and then try to be even better friends. We must always try to live in peace and get on with everyone. This is not easy but Jesus wants us to keep on trying.

Reflect: What is peace? What is conflict? 

When have you and your friends fallen out? How did you feel? How were things put right?

Peace is not just the absence of war. It is part of God’s nature, and a value we should all seek to live out in our daily lives.

Peace comes from both justice and love and is dependent upon people understanding one another.

‘…those who promote peace have joy.’ 

Proverbs 12:20


At the Rosary, we will be striving to ensure we follow Jesus’ example of promoting peace in our daily lives. 

Watch the following video to have a moment of prayer and reflection for peace:


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