Creation Wheels

Last week, Eagles read the Story of Creation in the bible.

We learnt how God created the world in seven days.

On the first day God separated the light from darkness and named light day and dark night.

On the second day He created a dome to divide the water and to keep it in two separate places.

On the third day God created land and named it Earth. He also created the sea and made fruits, plants and grain.

On the fourth day He created stars, the moon and the sun.

On the fifth day God made sea creatures, birds and commanded them to reproduce.

On the sixth day, He made human beings, domestic and wild animals and commanded that humans rule over all animals.

On the seventh day, the universe was complete. God blessed the day and made it a special day of rest and peace.


Have a look at the creation wheels that we made in class to show what happens on each of the seven days.

14 comments on “Creation Wheels

  1. It was really fun to make the creation wheel.

  2. I loved doing this and found creation interesting.

  3. That was fun I like colouring in the seven days.

  4. I really enjoyed this activity! ?????

  5. I liked this lesson because I liked drawing.☺️

  6. I really enjoy doing the creation wheels .We drew the 7days that God made used to make the Earth.?

  7. I liked that lesson even though I was in it the the whole way though ???

  8. It was fun learning about God’s creaation ???

  9. This activity was nice and relaxing and fun???

  10. I enjoyed this.???

  11. Drawing the seven days of God making the world ? was kinda fun

  12. I loved making the creation wheel . I liked how I write the God the Creator and I drew rose ?.

  13. On my creation wheel I did a dawning of cold things and hot

  14. It was really fun to do the Creation Wheels!
    I enjoyed it as it represented the 7 days of God creating the earth.

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