Creation wheels

During week three, Snowy owls read the Story of Creation in the bible.

We learnt how God created the world in seven days.

Day one:  God separated light from darkness and named light day and dark night.

Day two:  He created a dome to divide the water from the sky and to keep them in two separate places.

Day three: God created land and named it Earth. He also created the sea and made fruits, plants and grain.

Day four: He created stars, the moon and the sun.

Day five:  God made sea creatures, birds and commanded them to reproduce.

Day six: He made human beings, domestic and wild animals and commanded that humans rule over all animals.

Day seven: The universe was complete. God blessed the day and made it a day of rest and peace.

Have a look at the creation wheels we made in class to represent what happens on each of the seven days.

5 comments on “Creation wheels

  1. Doing this was fun

  2. So much fun making creation wheels

  3. I enjoyed making my creation wheel! They all look really good!

  4. Anna McGrory says:

    One of the greatest stories ever told! What lovely creation wheels Snowy Owls – well done. Miss McGrory

  5. This was so fun! Everyone’s drawings were so creative.

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