Cool Chrysalises!

Check out these soon-to-be butterflies!

Chloe began with caterpillars and they have now transformed into the next stage of their life cycle.

They have molted into a chrysalis – a protective case that will keep them safe as they undergo metamorphosis – and will soon emerge as beautiful butterflies!  It’s now an exciting wait until they finally emerge!

Keep us updated Chloe!

5 comments on “Cool Chrysalises!

  1. suzie.harris says:

    How exciting Chloe -I cant wait to see them emerge as beautiful butterflies. Do you know what species of butterfly they are?

  2. Anna McGrory says:

    This is so exciting Chloe! Loving the vocabulary in this post too – (molted, chrysalis, metamorphosis). I cant wait to see them when they are butterflies – keep us posted!

  3. ?Emilie ? says:

    I hope you are having a great time

  4. Carly (Chloe & Maddie’s mum) says:

    They are painted lady butterflies, still not hatched yet! Not long… we hope!

  5. Carly (Chloe & Maddie’s mum) says:

    They are painted lady butterflies and should hopefully change soon!

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