Condors visit the Dickens Museum

Today the Condors took a step back in time and visited the Charles Dickens Museum in Holborn. Arranged accurately in true Victorian style, groups took a tour around Mr Dickens’ family home and completed a writing workshop based around his literary works. Groups were challenged to critique descriptions of arguably Dickens’ finest character, Scrooge. Afterwards, groups read and delivered Dickens’ monologues and used traditional feather quills to write their own descriptive sentences. Here are some pictures from our day.

12 comments on “Condors visit the Dickens Museum

  1. sophie.kennedy says:

    What a fantastic day you all seem to have had! So glad you got to experience the museum – such an exciting place to imagine aspects of life during Victorian times 🙂

  2. It was a great experience! I have learnt many things about Charles Dickens that I didn’t know before. Thank you for organising this trip.

  3. You look like you have had fun

  4. Can’t wait to go tomorow. It looks like fun!

  5. This was a great way of learning about the victorian era.

  6. I really enjoyed this trip, I learnt many things and I also hope Yr5/6 enjoyed it as well.

  7. I really enjoyed the trip to the Dickens museum.

  8. Maya ( Y6 ) says:

    My favourite part was writing words from A Christmas Carol with a real feather and an ink pot.

  9. Isabella Matia says:

    I hope everyone had fun.Eventhough I felt like I was going back to the Victorian times?

  10. It was fun seeing how things compare in the victorian times to modern day

  11. It was fun to see how Charles Dickens lived in his house in the Victorian Era.

  12. The Charles Dickens museum was very interesting, and I learnt many new things.

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