Condors Visit the CLC!

Today Condors visited the CLC where we were introduced to the latest version of Scratch: Scratch 3.0

It was linked to our Earth, Space & Forces topic.  We created code to instruct our rockets on their journey through and exploration of Space. We managed to complete the first four sections recapping and practising using Scratch coding language.

We’ll continue this back at school/home using all of the techniques learnt to create our own games based on space. We may even be able to post them for others to play. Watch this ‘Space’…


18 comments on “Condors Visit the CLC!

  1. I really enjoyed this trip where we got to use the latest scratch. It was so fun! There were many challenges to complete!

  2. Maya ( Y6 ) says:

    The challenges were so fun to complete! 🙂

  3. It was so fun at the CLC! I really enjoyed this trip.

  4. It was fun coding at the clc and I hope we will do more of it.

  5. I enjoyed the CLC especially designing the game

  6. This trip was so fun and the new scratch 3.0 is a great rescource for programming.

  7. The new scratch was fun there were many challenges we had to complete, I really enjoyed it.

  8. I really enjoyed the CLC. I an now using scratch more often. I hope we can use it a lot more at school.

  9. The new scratch was fun to use, I really enjoyed the coding and the
    Challenges they set us!

  10. I really enjoyed myself at the CLC, all the time we go we are faced with new challenges.

  11. On this trip I particularly enjoyed the part whe we made the moon buggy game though I found creating the rocket frustrating

  12. We used the new scratch 🙂

  13. The day at the CLC was fun, especially when we could design our own rockets and our own game.

  14. I really enjoyed the new scratch and the challenges were so fun.

  15. I really enjoyed the trip to the CLC and seeing the new Scratch 3.0!

  16. Visiting the CLC was very fun as we ‘created’ our own rockets and made 2 games including one where we collected moon cheese and one where we dodged meteorites.

  17. I enjoyed doing this after I got the hang of it.

  18. I enjoy going to the CLC, I mainly enjoyed creating a game based on our new project Earth and Space on Scratch 3.0.

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