Children in Need

Going spotty for children in need!

Today we enjoyed dressing up in spots to raise money for children in need and we looked at how the charity helps children across the UK. We also completed some spotty art work to go on display which involved making trees with paint and our finger prints. On the branches of the tree we wrote five things we thought children need. Some of the ideas generated were education, love, shelter and warmth.

5 comments on “Children in Need

  1. Elda michael says:

    It was so fun!!!

  2. It was really fun painting trees!

  3. Anna McGrory says:

    What a spotty lot you all are! You looked brilliant Pelicans! What a lovely activity to do – well done for being so thoughtful about children in need. Miss McGrory

  4. Elda michael says:

    It was so much fun!!!

  5. Wow! Your fingerprint’s look awesome,Pelicans. Well done.

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