Chicks sports day and Teddy bears picnic!

Today we had lots of fun in the sun at our very own sports day! Have a look at the fun we had! First we did a warm up.

Then…. Race 1 – The egg and spoon race…..

Race 2 – The hula hoop race

Race 3 – The bean bag race and race 4…. the relay race…

Then we enjoyed a delicious Teddy bears picnic, Yummy!

2 comments on “Chicks sports day and Teddy bears picnic!

  1. Anna McGrory says:

    What a brilliant day you have had Chicks! The egg and spoon race is my absolute favourite! Thank you to Miss Miles and the Chicks Team for making this possible!

  2. Miss Barry Murphy says:

    Wow- it looks like you had SO much fun, Chicks! Well done to you all!

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