Catholic Social Teaching – Dignity and Rights for Workers

 Our new Catholic Social Teaching theme for this term is: Dignity and Rights for Workers.

The dignity of work has been a key principle of Catholic social teaching from the very beginning.

Catholic Social Teaching believes that work is dignified, special and very important. Therefore, workers must always be respected – this includes fair wages and fair working conditions.

Jesus himself was a worker. He became “like us in all things, devoted most of the years of his life on earth to manual work at the carpenter’s bench.”

The Church says that the worker is always more important than the work.

Work exists for the sake of people, not the other way around. In our work we participate in God’s work of creation. It should give people a sense of self worth, as they contribute to society, and support themselves and their family. Everyone should have safe working conditions and correct pay.

Here are some questions for you to think about:

  • When have you worked really hard at something and felt that you have achieved something? 

  • What affect did it have on you and on others?

  • What is your “dream” job? Why?

  • How do you think this job will make you feel?

  • What is good about work?

  • How does work enable people to feel like they are contributing to the world?

  • What can be bad about work?

  • When can people’s working lives become unfair?

We will learn more about this important topic in class this term!

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