Careers Day 2020!!

As part of our passionate drive to raise aspirations, we hosted our first ever Rosary Careers Day yesterday!! The entire school community – children and staff – were absolutely buzzing all day and couldn’t stop talking about it.  Each and every one of our volunteers had clearly put so much effort into thinking about what they were going to say to our children and they made their stalls look great!  Our children were so engaged and they enjoyed every minute of it!

A big thank you to our volunteers who dedicated their time to helping to open our children’s eyes to such a wide range of great careers.

Below are some photos which we hope have captured the essence of the day!






16 comments on “Careers Day 2020!!

  1. Heidi Belle says:

    I enjoyed our careers day, it was so much fun learning about all the different jobs.

  2. Anna McGrory says:

    This was just the best day!! Well done to all our children who made such an effort with their costume and who were impeccably well-behaved for our visitors. Thanks to all those in our school community and our visitors who worked so hard to make today such a success!!

  3. It was so interesting of all the job’s you can do here l can’t count how many job’s here in England.

  4. Louis Labbé says:

    Extremely downcast I missed it.🙁
    Seemed SOOOO interesting, exciting.. and inspiring!

  5. sophie.kennedy says:

    What an amazing day! There was such an air of excitement throughout the school – we couldn’t have felt more proud. A big thank you to our children and families and all who worked so hard to ensure the day was such a brilliant success!

  6. I absolutely LOVED careers day, it was sooo fun with all the different types of careeresss

  7. I LOVE CAREERS DAY. I didn’t know that a lawyer had to help people and solve cases!!! I miss this day because I learnt soo much facts and the whole school got to dress up of what we want to be when we grow up. This was the best day. I didn’t get to go to every station but I did learn a lot! I appreciate the visitors that gave up there time just for us. Everything about careers day made me want to jump and scream! I feel so lucky to be here. And I will miss u 2019 u were fun in the past!!!!

  8. It was so fun

  9. It was so cool and fun💎💎

  10. It was really good for the kids, and I think they enjoyed it

  11. I had an amazing time 😊

  12. I loved careers day❤️❤️❤️

  13. I loved learning about different careers!

  14. Careers day was the best you got to see what everyone wants to be when they grow up and I loved everything about it ❤️❤️❤️💞

  15. Jaiden Yamballa says:

    I loved careers day! It was so fun.😉🙂😍

  16. I loved it

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