BIDMAS in Snowy Owls!

Snowy Owls started the week off in Maths by learning about something brand new: BIDMAS.

We discovered that there is a certain order in which we must solve equations if different operations are present. The word BIDMAS helps us to remember the order in which the operations in the equation must be completed.

B (Brackets), I (Indices), D (Division), M (Multiplication), A (Addition), S (Subtraction). 

To help us practise our new learning, we had number cards and calculation cards. We created our own multiple operation questions and challenged our partner to solve them (reminding them to use BIDMAS to help them remember the order!) It was great fun practising our new skills and also challenging our partners with tricky questions!




3 comments on “BIDMAS in Snowy Owls!

  1. Our answer was a decimal-

  2. The BIDMAS was so fun I go so far in the lesson

  3. I hope we do more and see these in our test

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