Back In Time!

On Thursday year 3 and 4 had a journey back in time to Ancient Greece with the Fresh Water Theatre company. We had to assist a trainee  in her quest to become a fully fledged time traveller and we did a fantastic job. We used all our knowledge of Ancient Greece to help her solve puzzles about many aspects of life at that time, helpng her with our knowledge on Greek Gods, theatre, myths and battles. We even learned some new information about the Greek alphabet, democracy and philosophy!

We were very excited to meet the mighty Zeus and perform our own mini version of Theseus and the Minotaur, but were most excited that we passed the test, and were appointed trainee time travellers!

4 comments on “Back In Time!

  1. Lexi Sinnott says:

    That show was amazing. I hope we can watch a show like it again.

  2. It was so fun being a pretend princess in a Greek theatre!

  3. Alex D yr5/6 says:

    Looks cool

  4. Going back in time was so fun 😁😁😁because someone came to are school

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