Authors in Pelicans Class!

Pelicans Class were asked to choose between three pictures so that they could write a story:

I can honestly say that I have been BLOWN AWAY by the stories that I have read today! They have such fantastic detail and the children have clearly tried so hard. I am so impressed- we will definitely be doing some more writing next week based on some different pictures! Have a read of some their stories by clicking on the links below:

The Rainforest from the Sloth’s Eye- by Helena
(Look out for her illustrations, too)!

The Mystery of Magic- by Charlotte K

(Look out for Charlotte’s use of fronted adverbials and even some Harry Potter references)!

Thief of Congo- by Sonny

(Look out for his excellent expanded noun phrases)!

Mayhem at Sea- by Ralph

(Look out for his speech marks)!

Alfie’s Story

(Look out for his use of conjunctions)!

Pacific Pandemonium- by Aedam 

(Look out for his fronted adverbials!)

Pelicans- I am so proud of you all! Reading these stories made my day and reminded me again of what wonderful writers you are.

If any other Pelicans have written a story and would like to send it to me- you are not too late! I can easily add it to this post.


18 comments on “Authors in Pelicans Class!

  1. Abigail yr 5 😍👍 says:

    Well done Alfie. like your use of conjunctions. well done ralph like your use of relative clauses. well-done sonny likes your use of your title. straight away it catches the reader in.
    well done Helena like your use of the brilliant adjectives .well-done charlotte like your use of like the use of onomatopoeia.
    right here’s my own story.

    On a mysterious night down in the spooky forests, a girl was wandering in the forest, her name was Alice. just next to her
    was another girl named Hannah. they both didn’t know each other then all of a sudden, when they bumped in together they both became friends.
    As time passed Alice’s parents came to pick her up. Looking devastated to see her new friend go. Alice’s mum (Sharon) asked the girl ” Where is your mum?”
    “I don’t have a mum I was kidnapped by my parents.”
    this made everyone upset.
    TO BE CONTINUED… by Abigail A
    Agyakoma year 5

  2. Miss Duncan says:

    What a lovely comment, Abigail!

    I LOVE the start of your story! When will you continue it?
    Your cliffhanger is very effective!

  3. Abigail yr 5 😍👍 says:

    Thank you miss Duncan

  4. That’s so nice

  5. Wow! These stories are brilliant and love the illustrations! Well done Pelicans

  6. Mrs Wheatley says:

    Wow , what amazing stories Pelicans . I loved reading them, such imaginations. Keep up the great work !

  7. Aedam - Y4 Pelicans says:

    It’s lovely to see you all. 🙂

  8. Miss Duncan says:

    It was so lovely, Aedam!

  9. Miss Robinson says:

    Wowee, Pelicans! There stories are amazing!!

  10. I loved writing my story!

  11. Miss Duncan says:

    What a lovely story it is, Helena!
    Maybe we can do something similar next week?! I love reading your writings!

  12. suzie.harris says:

    Wow! I’ve really enjoyed reading these stories Pelicans -your rich vocabulary and great imagination have kept me engrossed. Well done for all your work this week -enjoy your week end!

  13. Aedam - Y4 Pelicans says:

    It was VERY fun writing “Pacific Pandemonium”. Hope you like it!

  14. Miss Duncan says:

    I love your story- even your title has great alliteration! Well done you, Aedam!

  15. Mrs Ahmed says:

    Well done Pelicans your stories are amazing! You have a wonderful imagination and used fronted adverbial sand extended noun Phrases very well. Well done and keep it up!

  16. Anna McGrory says:

    Wow Pelicans – what an amazing collection of stories! Well done! Have a fantastic weekend and I cannot wait to see what you will do next week!

  17. Miss Agger says:

    Wow Pelicans! What wonderful work you have all been doing at home! I am so impressed with all your fantastic writing. Miss Duncan had told me all about it but I was blown away when I read each story. Keep up the hard work. I can’t wait to read some more. Miss Agger xx

  18. Miss Newton says:

    What wonderful stories Pelicans! Lovely seeing all your plans come to life. I’m so impressed.

    Miss Newton

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