Around the world with the Rosary!

Learn Sinhala with Kingfishers!

In this first video back after the Summer holidays, we will be learning how to say some common phrases in Sinhala, one of the languages spoken in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is an island located in Southern Asia, south of India. Listen to the video to find out some more fun facts about Sri Lanka!

Why not use these phrases next time your teacher is calling the register or teach them to your family at home!

Hello/good morning: “su-ba-udah-sah-nah”

Good afternoon: “su-bo-dah-mah-lah”

My name is: “mah-geh-nah-mah tah-my”

Thank you: “stoo-tee”

How are you: “ko-mah-doh-ya-te”

4 comments on “Around the world with the Rosary!

  1. Miss Barry Murphy says:

    Oh wow- what a beautiful language Sinhala is! Thank you so much for teaching it to us, Kingfishers!

  2. Miss Labrom says:

    What interesting facts! I’m so excited to practise Sinhala with my class.

  3. Alice Miles says:

    I so look forward to these videos as I learn so much, thank you for sharing it with your Rosary friends!

  4. Chamara Botheju says:

    Great work young man…Superb 👍🏻
    Appreciations from Sri Lanka

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