An Introduction to Makaton by Elisha (Year 5 – Snowy Owl)

Elisha in Year 5, Snowy Owl’s, has put together this incredibly informative and visually captivating Power Point to help the whole school community learn the history and importance of Makaton. Click here

Elisha is delighted to be able to share it with us all – Thank you so much Elisha! You have taught us all so much about Makaton.

Elisha is one of our Rosary School Makaton Ambassadors, helping develop the use of Makaton in school and beyond and teaching others of its importance and value. If anyone else has information to share in this are please do pass it on to your class teacher and we will share it with the whole school community.

All about Makaton and its history

6 comments on “An Introduction to Makaton by Elisha (Year 5 – Snowy Owl)

  1. This is really interesting Elisha, thanks so much for helping us all learn more about Makaton!

  2. I love the slides Elisha! I hope we get to learn more about Makaton!

  3. Thank you! And we will get to learn more about Makaton it’s was in the half term homework sheet!

  4. emily.mcdermott says:

    Wow, Elisha you have worked so hard on this presentation. Thank you for researching and sharing all this information about Makaton with the school. You are going to be a truly wonderful Makaton Ambassador for Rosary School.

  5. Jacqueline Hayter says:

    Wow Elisha! This is fantastic I can see you have done such alot of research which is going to help us to learn more about Makaton. Well done!

  6. Anna McGrory says:

    Thank you so much for this Elisha – what a wonderful presentation which will benefit us all.

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