An Eagle getting crafty!

There’s no chance of A in Eagles getting bored with his ability to think of great things to do at home! He is always coming up with lovely ideas of what to do to keep himself busy and I love his emails which keep me up to date with everything he has been up to! He has reminded me of the brilliant game UNO which I am going to play this weekend! And here are some photos of some of his lovely sequin art and the crystals he has been growing! 

6 comments on “An Eagle getting crafty!

  1. This is brilliant! You have been working hard! I love the sequin art.

  2. It’s lovely to see that you have been busy with your amazing sequin art project, A. I was so interested to see the crystals too. How long did they take to grow this big?

  3. suzie.harris says:

    Amazing A! I used to LOVE sequin art when I was younger -so glad you enjoy it too? You have been working hard -well done!

  4. a.quigley says:

    These are so impressive A! You’ll have to teach me how to make sequin art like yours!

  5. Danny English says:

    Everyone in my household loves it!

  6. k.ramsay says:

    A you are going to have to show me how to do your sequin art – I want one.

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