ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE! Goodbye Ms Gaffney!

Here it is! The ‘goodbye video’ we all made for our wonderful Head Teacher Miss Gaffney and her 38 years of dedicated service to our school! Thanks to the brilliant Alfie Dale ( for filming and editing! We hope you all enjoy it! And remember – All You Need Is Love!

12 comments on “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE! Goodbye Ms Gaffney!

  1. ALEXDyr3 says:

    that was wonderful

  2. Dr Julian Marsden says:

    My daughter Becky Marsden sent me this superb video. What a fantastic school you have. Love is all you need!

  3. Dr Julian Marsden says:

    My daughter Becky Marsden sent me this. What a superb video. What a fantastic school you have! All you need is love!

  4. It was so fun organising this surprise song video for Miss Gaffney . She will be massively missed

  5. Angela O'Leary says:

    Ah that is a lovely video for a wonderful head teacher. I would like to say thank you to all that taught my children James and Megan over the years. A big big thank you to Miss Kennedy, Miss Long and Mr Bennett, for all your help and support. I will miss you all. Have a great summer I’m sure Megan will be back to see you. From Angela James and Megan xx

  6. Goodbye Miss Gaffney and the Rosary school….. I will not forget the good times I have had here, and hope it continues to grow in its ‘family of loving and learning’. I will never forget the wonderful times I shared with teachers and peers, and hope that the future generations of Rosary students will enjoy their time here as much as I did. As Fr Nicholas said in the Leavers Mass, it is sometimes hard to say goodbye, but that is just because you have enjoyed it so much; I can relate to this very well, as I have tremendously enjoyed my time here, and though I have been through some tough times along the way, I will treasure my memories of this school deep in my heart, and so without further ado,

    Goodbye, and thank you for all the joy of what you have given me across the years, all the laughter, and also all the tears; for everything I have experienced, for how this school has changed me for the better, not just academically, but as a person, who has only just started their life journey, waiting for what the future has to bring.

    The Rosary school was the most magical experience of my life, and I hope others can feel the same way I do about it, life is a curious, yet wonderful thing, and though I have only begun my story, as I previously said, I feel the school is an amazing school, and Mrs Gaffney, an amazing person, who has inspired so many young people to do great and excellent things in life, and while a surgeon can help fix people’s brains, teachers can help them grow, feed them; nourish them, making the world an amazing piece. I’m sure Mrs Gaffney would agree, every mind is unique, and beautiful, and I’m so glad to be me, with the teachers help, nourishing and feeding my brain.

    So, finally, I must say, with sadness to leave, but joy of how far I’ve come,

    Goodbye Rosary, you will be greatly missed, and will not be forgotten.

  7. Clare Potter says:

    Wow love this video. Brilliant !! Mr Mac at the beginning is so good and all the teachers. Well done teachers. All you need is love❤️

  8. brian clark says:

    What a wonderful lady, teacher, and head.
    Big shoes to fill.
    Enjoy your retirement, you deserve it!
    Peace and love.
    Brian and Tyler-Grace Clark.xx

  9. Jacqui Southall says:

    Beautiful video. She must have been so very special to many teachers and pupils.

  10. we loved the video and we will miss you miss Gaffney !
    love Philippa, Erica, Tahaqa and their Mum .

  11. Julie peel says:

    Wow what an amazing memory for ms gaffney to keep!
    She will be missed
    Love the peel family x

  12. Brilliant video! Thank you Miss Gaffney for all you have done and happy retirement! Love Camille & Romario & Family

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