African Animals!

Today we were visited by African animals! First we met some Giant African Land Snails! We learned that they live in the rainforest and love the rain. Some of us were even brave enough to touch one of the snails!

Next we met a… tarantula! It was a zebra tarantula. She was from Costa Rica and also lives in a rainforest. She had stripes just like a zebra. We learned that she eats bugs and insects but is very unlikely to bite any humans! Some of the class were able to see that she was camouflage to help her in her habitat. Miss Duncan was a bit nervous around this visitor but all of the children were very brave and loved meeting her.

We also met Borneo Stick Insects! We learned that they have 6 legs and are herbivores. They are camouflaged against trees in their natural habitat but not against our hands!

Our next visitor was an African Millipede! They are nicknamed Train Millipedes because of how they move. While centipedes are carnivores, the millipede saw today is a herbivore and has no venom. We also met cockroaches from Madagascar! One of the grumpy cockroaches hissed and we could all hear it really clearly! They were even alive before the dinosaurs and used to be 9 feet long!

Finally we met an albino snake! She was a corn snake and some of us held her. All snake species use their tongue to smell. She was cold blooded unlike the mammals we have been learning about in Topic. What a fun day!

9 comments on “African Animals!

  1. I loved the African animals.It was so fun because I held a snake.

  2. I love the African animals because they are so fascinating

  3. I love african animals because they are fascinating.

  4. They looked so fun!

  5. The millipede tickled my hands.

  6. The millipede tickled my hands

  7. Clare Potter says:

    Wow looks amazing.

  8. I’d love to hold the snake. šŸ˜‰

  9. Jorge???? says:

    Iā€™d never seen a yellow sake before in my life.?????

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