A visit from Father Oliver

We were very fortunate to have Father Oliver come in to discuss our new RE topic (Exploring The Mass) with us. All of year 5 and 6 got together for Father Oliver to present the range of resources he uses to conduct a mass. We explored and discussed the significance of the events that take place from the beginning of mass to the end, learning many new terms, and even some Latin! Thank you once again Father Oliver, for yet another engaging discussion and learning experience!


7 comments on “A visit from Father Oliver

  1. I learnt a whole lot of differents things there.

  2. I leant so many new things and i am so thankful that we got to do this.

  3. Maya french says:

    Wow all that information I learnt loads and I bet plants more to learn

  4. I really love Father coming to us about mass. There was a lot of thing i learnt such as epiclesis and the alb. I wish that Father was back to talk more about it.

  5. I didn’t know half of what he told me

  6. Tyler-grace says:

    That was really interesting learning about the mass in the priest’s point of view.

  7. Every time Father Oliver comes i always learn something new! I look forward to his next visit.

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