A visit from an EXPLORER!

We had the absolute privilege of being visited by Nick (an adventurer and explorer) who told us all about his journey up Mount Everest, what it took to get there and how he developed these important skills and traits! What was the most interesting thing you learned from Nick, Flamingos?

10 comments on “A visit from an EXPLORER!

  1. Alex Sinclair says:

    It was so cool seeing an explorer and I can’t believe he climbed mount Everst 😱

  2. that was cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It was amazing to have him come in to our, school but I have a question how old are you.Because you must of had time to do ALL of the things you did. Thank you soo much for coming in to OUR SCHOOL.Today was such a privilege. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I want to be like that, and once again thank you sooooo much for coming in today!you are such an inspiration.

  4. Olakunle Smith (JNR) says:

    I loved hearing about his previous adventures and what his challenges he has chosen to do

  5. Ryan Joseph says:

    How did you survive in mt Everest?The topic was challenging and exciting.

  6. Nick is an inspiration to everyone. He has even inspired me to work harder on my dream-dance!

  7. He was so insparational and would inspire everyone!

  8. Ciara.C yr 5 says:

    You are do inspiring. Be safe for future adventures
    Question: Have you got any plans for the future and will you go back to Mount Everest again to do more climbing ? Thank You for coming in to talk to us to try and achieve our own goals for the future. It was amazing how you told us that you safed your freind from dieing

  9. It was amazing when when he visited our school

  10. Bonnie-grace says:

    Wow I’m in the pic 😑

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