Our focus book has been On the way home by Gill Murphy. It is all about a little girl called Claire who sets off home to tell her Mum all about her bad knee. On the way home, she meets various friends and tells each of them a different story as to how she got her bad knee. These stories include gorillas coming out of garages, witches swooping down from the sky with their shopping bags and dragons soaring through the air! We had a fabulous time acting it out. It was so much fun!SAM_1307

There was a very BIG bad wolf who tried to take Claire away!



Then a vast flying saucer flew down to steal her!


The crocodile tried to eat her!


The big, fat snake wanted to squash and squeeze her!


The enormous dragon came flying down from miles above!


There was a big hairy gorilla!


Then a wicked old witch!


Finally, her Mum put a big plaster on her bad knee.