We were delighted to welcome musicians from the Royal Academy of Music on Wednesday to meet our talented Y4  recorder group.  We were extremely fortunate to hear a demonstration from two of their amazing recorder players, who showed us just what a versatile and interesting instrument the recorder can be. The Y4s can now identify the whole family of recorders, from the Sopranissimo (barely the size of a pencil) to the Contrabass (double the size of many of us!).

The highlight of the session was hearing the musicians perform some of the compositions written using music technology by our very own Y4 students. The pieces certainly sounded sophisticated and accomplished, and quite a challenge for even the professionals to play! The children offered advice on how they wanted their pieces to sound, and suggested changing the tempo and going from smooth to spikey sounds!

The Y4s now have a trip to the Royal Academy of Music to look forward to later on in the term. DSCN0395 DSCN0393