The Charles Dickens Museum

Today, Eagles had the opportunity to visit and explore Charles Dickens’ home! We learned to write with quills, analysed some of Mr.Dickens’ original pieces of writing, and discovered more about how his life experienced influenced his writing. By learning about this incredibly famous author and his work, we were also able to learn so much more about the Victorian era and what life was life for a wealthy or impoverished person, during that time.

All year 5 and 6 children, please leave a comment below to share your favourite part of the trip and what you learned from it! 🙂

Here are are a few pictures from our time there…


4 comments on “The Charles Dickens Museum

  1. I learnt so much it was so fascinating .?

  2. That day wanted me to read more of Charles Dickens ?

  3. I really enjoyed the Charles Dickens museum because it was the first time I got to use a quil and see where Oliver Twist was wrote

  4. I really enjoyed the trip and I have never been to a museum like that before!

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