St Mary’s Church Trip

This morning Lorikeet class visited St Mary’s Church in Hampstead. We started the morning with a talk about the history of of the church.


Did you know that the daughter of an old French king once inhabited Hampstead and St Mary’s was her local church?

Then we were lucky enough to have a look around the church. There were so many beautiful religious statues around the church!

We had a fantastic morning and can’t wait for our next trip!

6 comments on “St Mary’s Church Trip

  1. Chloe Wearn says:

    Chloe Really enjoyed this trip x

  2. Ava Snowy Owls says:

    Some of the infants told me about this.

  3. Anna McGrory says:

    This looks a great trip Lorikeets. What a beautiful church. Miss McGrory

  4. Lucas Yr5/6 says:

    It sounds as though you learnt a lot.

  5. Every Sunday I go to this church as I am an altar server for st Mary’s. I hope Lorikeets enjoyed.

  6. Hattie (Condors) says:

    St Mary’s is the church I go to. I love praying there.

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