Making Castles!

You may have seen all the rubbish that has been gathering on the KS1 floor recently. You may have thought how lazy we are for not putting our rubbish in the bin. You may have even wondered why we haven’t been told off for leaving our rubbish EVERYWHERE! Well…. there was a reason behind our madness we wanted to make our very own castles.

Before we could begin to build we had to decide what we were going to use.


Luckily lots of people had helped us collect items so we had so much to choose from!

Once we had chosen  our items we set off with the building. We put things together, took things apart, cut things up and even made holes in things to make them perfect for our castles. We worked together in small teams and I am sure you can imagine the fun we had.


We are planning on decorating our castles after half term. Don’t worry we will update you then too, but just in case you can’t wait here is a sneak preview!




Don’t forget to check after half term!