Lorikeets Class Assembly

This morning was a very exciting morning for the Lorikeets. It was our class assembly.


We have practised every single day this week! On Monday we needed help with our lines but the more we practised the more fantastic we got. Today we didn’t need any help at all! We all knew when to stand up, when to speak and what to say. Very impressive!

image image

Not only did we learn all our lines but we also filmed lots of our learning this week too. We used all the different clips to show our families what we get up to when we are at school.


Finally we sung a song, we think everyone was very impressed with our beautiful singing. We received a huge clap from our Ks1 friends and all our families. We knew we had done a great job by the huge smiles on everyone’s faces.

I’m sure you would agree, our assembly was pretty fantastic!


3 comments on “Lorikeets Class Assembly

  1. Charlotte says:

    I really enjoyed this assembly it was very fun.

  2. I really enjoyed your assembly.

  3. I luve the singing from serena

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